Southwest Airlines: Cracks found in 2 more planes -

Southwest Airlines: Cracks found in 2 more planes

YUMA, Ariz. (AP) -- Southwest Airlines says inspectors have found cracks similar to those that caused an airplane to lose pressure and make an emergency landing have been found in two more of its planes.
Southwest says in a statement Sunday that small, subsurface cracks were found in the two planes. The airline says inspectors will evaluate further and more repairs will be performed before the planes are returned to service.
A flight carrying 118 people rapidly lost cabin pressure after the plane's fuselage ruptured -- causing a 5-foot-long tear -- just after takeoff from Phoenix on Friday. Pilots made a controlled descent from 34,400 feet into Yuma, Ariz. No was injured.
Authorities say inspectors have found evidence of extensive cracking that hadn't been discovered during routine maintenance before Friday's flight.
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