Viewer contacts News 4 about oozing raw sewage in apartment -

Viewer contacts News 4 about oozing raw sewage in apartment

(KMOV) --  A city permit has been secured to make repairs to a sewer line that caused sewage to ooze into the basement of a Berkeley apartment building almost two weeks ago.

April 3rd, a viewer called News 4 after the basement of her apartment building, flooded. Sewage and bits of toilet paper covered the basement floor, where Barbara Brown keeps her washer and dryer.

Brown says she noticed it's happened about four times since last fall.

Brown said she didn't call management that weekend, saying she was frustrated with what she describes as quick fixes to the problem.

"He had a man come over, but it didn't do any good because it [the flooding] keep coming back," said Brown.

News 4 called the owner of the Courtyard Garden Apartments. He said he wasn't aware the basement flooded again and would call a plumber immediately. Within an hour, a plumber arrived and unclogged a sewer line.

Since April 3rd, News 4 confirmed a plumber has inspected the sewer lines and repair work on a break is scheduled to begin this week.  Berkeley has issued a permit for repair work.  The public works director told News 4 that he returned to the apartment building and conducted another inspection, citing management for other issues.  Management has been ordered to clean the furnace and water heater and make other repairs in that building.

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