DIY Valances -

DIY Valances

DIY Valances


Screwdriver and screws
Wood boards - 1/2" x 6 or 8" x (longest board available)
*Cuts based on length of window
*If boards are too short, two will have to be joined with screws and fasteners
*Two short pieces of wood will be needed, per valance, in order to have the board sit out from the window Right angles Several yards of inexpensive, polyester batting (from craft or sewing store) Spray adhesive for batting Several yards of fabric (suggest white, cotton canvas) Staple gun and staples Several yards of ribbon (suggest black, grosgrain) Hot glue gun Right angles (to adhere valance to wall)


For Wood Valances:

1. Measure window to outside of molding
2. Cut wood to fit the window, leaving an extra 6" on each side of molding
3. Cut two matching pieces of wood to form the 'arms' of the valance (probably about 5 or 6"; make sure these pieces are long enough to fit over the curtain rod)
4. Join the pieces together with screws and right angles
5. Measure and cut batting to fit 1-2" over size of the valance
6. Adhere batting to valance with spray adhesive
7. Measure and cut fabric to fit 4-5" over size of valance
8. Using a staple gun, adhere the fabric to the valance
*Make sure to pull the fabric taut and alternate sides as you staple
9. With a pencil, lightly mark where you would like the ribbon trim to sit
10. Using the hot glue gun, adhere the ribbon trim to the valance
11. Using right angles, mount the valance on the wall


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