Investigators looking into string of burglaries in Madison County -

Investigators looking into string of burglaries in Madison County

(KMOV)-- The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of daytime residential burglaries that have occurred in the last month.

Burglaries have been reported on the 10000 block of Lower Marine Road  in Marine, the 11000 block of Fruit Road in Alhambra, the 12800 block of Illinois State Route 140 in New Douglas, the 7800 block of Maple Grove Road in Troy, the 6900 block of Worden Road in Worden, the 400 block of Pocahontas Road in Highland, the 10200 block of Gilomen Road in Marine, and the 10200 block of Brandt Road in Worden.

Authorities stated that there are different leads being followed in the burglary reported from Troy and from Highland.

Authorities said in each of the burglaries items are being taken that a person can quickly grab and exit the residence without remaining on premises for very long.  Items like jewelry and electronics, for example. In one of the cases prescription medication was stolen, and a television set was taken in another burglary.

Detectives believe the suspects may be going to potential victims' doors asking for directions or looking for someone who may live in the area to determine if anyone is home.

Authorities believe the potential suspect could also be trading the items for drugs or money.

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local law enforcement or contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

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