Two men shot during parking lot gun battle in St. Clair County -

Two men shot during parking lot gun battle in St. Clair County

(KMOV) -- The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an apparent gun battle that left two people injured, one of them critically. 

Police got the call about a shooting outside a convenience store on Camp Jackson Road in St. Clair County Wednesday evening.
Witnesses told police that several people in several cars began shooting at each other in the parking lot and in the street, nearby. 
Captain Steve Johnson said that a short time later, two injured men showed up in separate private vehicles at Touchette Regional Hospital. One man suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He has been treated, released and is now in custody.
Another man, shot in the head, was also brought to the hospital. He was later taken by medical ambulance to a St Louis-area hospital in critical condition. 
Authorities confirm another person is in custody, but could only say they are somehow connected to the shooting and are not sure exactly how, just yet.
Police say they are working to determine how many people were involved in the shootout. 
No one in the convenience store was hurt. 
There is no motive for the shooting at this time and no arrests have been made.

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