New app takes aim at distracted driving -

New app takes aim at distracted driving

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
(KMOV) -- When you’re out driving, how many other drivers do you catch texting or talking on the phone?
It can be scary to see the number of drivers not paying attention to the road.
A doctor has created an app to keep people from using their phones while driving.
The app uses your phone's GPS. if you go over 15 miles an hour, the app shuts down the ability to text and make or answer phone calls.
The heart surgeon behind the app says he's seen too many people injured and killed because of distracted driving.
The downside of the app is it doesn't know if you are the driver or a passenger. So passengers get locked out too texting and answering calls too. The doctor says he is working on fixing that.
The app costs about $5 with the proceeds going to charity.

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