Egypt's presidential vote to be held by November -

Egypt's presidential vote to be held by November


CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's military rulers said on Wednesday that the country's first presidential elections since the ouster of longtime President Hosni Mubarak will be held by November at the latest.
   The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said that presidential elections will take place one or two months after September's parliamentary contests.
   The news came on the sidelines the announcement of a new 62-article interim constitution to replace the one suspended after the fall of Mubarak's regime on Feb. 11 in a popular uprising.
   Among its new articles, the interim constitutions orders the new president to appoint a vice president within 60 days of the election, in contrast to Mubarak's nearly three decade rule almost entirely without one until its last days.
   Another article stipulates the creation of a committee of 100 legal experts, academics, politicians and professionals to be selected by the newly elected parliament to draft a new constitution, which would then be approved by a referendum.
   Despite demands by many of the youth groups behind the 18-day uprising, the new parliament will keep a 50 percent quota of seats allocated to "farmers and workers," a holdover from the country's socialist past.
   The interim constitution keeps many other the elements of the old regime disputed by reformists, including Article 2, which makes Islam the state religion and Islamic law the main source of legislation.
   Article 4, however, bans political parties based on religious grounds.
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