Demonstrators say they will keep protesting in Ferguson -

Demonstrators say they will keep protesting in Ferguson

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Outside of the Ferguson Police Department Wednesday night, mixed emotions filled the crowds that lined the streets.

One member of the crowd told News 4 that while some were excited Chief Tom Jackson resigned and saw the night as a celebration, while others were thinking it was just the beginning.

While the crowd was mostly peaceful before two police officers were shot, some members of the crowd fought with one another, leading News 4 to ask: what will it take to stop the violence?

Two of the three protesters arrested in Ferguson Wednesday night said they will continue to protest until they see real change between police and the communities that they serve.

"The mayor needs to resign along with the chief," said Charles Brooks, who joined the demonstrations outside of the Ferguson Police Department after Jackson's resignation was announced.

Police did confirm that the gunshots fired at the cops did not come from the group of protesters. Demonstrators were in shock when the shooting occurred and some worried the violence of individuals could diminish the message of the larger, peaceful crowd.

"I absolutely deplore that officers are being shot, that is not non-violent protest," said Brooks. "So many of us have been committed to nonviolent protest, we've seen in Selma how important non-violent protest is for the advancement of civil rights in the United States."

Also arrested overnight, Webster University Professor Dr. Chris Parr said he believes the police need to talk to the population and find out why people are so upset.

Dr. Parr said the officers need to "admit they have done a bad job, as the Department of Justice has said, and make things different."?

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