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$1.6 Million for windows, taxpayers pick up the tab

(KMOV) -- Federal Stimulus funds intended to create jobs are paying for new windows at Scott Air Force Base.

The windows will be installed on what's known as the P-40 building, it's one of the oldest buildings on base.

Congress has approved more than $1.6 million to replace 400 windows and 15 doors. That breaks down to more than $3,500 a piece. According to Lt. Col. Craig Johnson, " This is a great opportunity to take that American recovery reinvestment act funds and invest into a facility and preserve the history of this facility." 

When asked why the government can't get the windows from a home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot at a much cheaper price, Johnson says there are several factors that contribute to the higher cost. These include the buildings historic and anti-terrorism protection requirements.

Johnson says, "Lowe's windows won't do that for us." The new windows will also be energy efficient.

News 4 will continue to track stimulus spending and ask government agencies to explain where the money is going. Have you spotted something that makes you ask, "Is this why we're broke?" If you have email us at broke@kmov.com


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