Amnesty program gives offenders second chance -

Amnesty program gives offenders second chance

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(KMOV) – Hundreds of people showed up at Ivory-Perry Park in north St. Louis to take part in a special program that will grant them amnesty for certain crimes and traffic violations.

Better Family Life organized the event and has put together similar drives in the past for traffic violations. This year’s program is good for all misdemeanor warrants in the City of St. Louis and several surrounding counties.

It costs five bucks to sign up for the program, and then each participant must pay $100 to each municipality where there’s an outstanding warrant.


The program does not wipe an offense from someone’s record, but it does keep them from getting arrested.

Participants still have to get a new court date. The amnesty program does not apply to felony warrants.

Another sign up is scheduled for Sunday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at St. Louis Connect Care, located at 5535 Delmar.

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