Criminals do the darndest things. -

Criminals do the darndest things.

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Sometimes criminals will leave you wondering what they were thinking. On August 3rd, the day after the ATM Solutions armed car heist, police stopped a car, arrested the driver and found more than $600,000 in the trunk. On Tuesday, August 10th, officers raided an apartment, arrested three suspects that might be tied to the heist and found cash hidden in the refrigerator. If these were some of the robbers who smoothly pulled off the robbery of millions of dollars, how could they have been so dumb that they stayed in St. Louis afterwards? Haven't you been asking the same question?

When it comes to thieves, what they steal can reveal a lot about them. A recent Chesterfield Police report listed the theft of beer from a refrigerator in a garage, where the door had been left open. No doubt the thieves were teens who threw one heck of a party with their friends that night. Well, a recent police report from Fenton said that a shoplifter at Gordman's store, stole perfume and thong underwear. Best guess would be that the thief had a romantic date planned for that night. However, she never made it because she got caught and hauled off to jail instead.


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