People responsible for Alisa Maier's return honored -

People responsible for Alisa Maier's return honored

(KMOV) -- Alisa Maier's first visit to Fenton wasn't a pleasant one, so the city wanted her next visit to be different.

The people who helped get Alisa back home were honored Friday night in Fenton. Kevin McNeeley and Ashley Gibbs met Alisa and her family with handshakes and hugs, thanking them for what they did.

McNeeley and Gibbs went to a car wash in Fenton to get change for a load of laundry on July 6 when they saw what they thought was a little boy wandering alone. Alisa's hair had been cut short and was wearing boy's clothes. So they did the natural thing to do: call the police.

Officer Sean Becker was called to the scene and tried to find out if the "scared little boy" was from the Fenton area, but he quickly realized she was a girl. She said her name was Alisa, and that's when Becker said he started to think of the little girl from Louisiana, Mo.

Alisa's father, David, said his family is still trying to get back to normal. He said Alisa is shy and isn't a fan of cameras, but is acting like a typical four-year-old.

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