Gun store's license being revoked by ATF -

Gun store's license being revoked by ATF

(KMOV) -- A St. Charles County gun store is about to be closed by the ATF for allegedly violating federal statutes, but if you think this is a case of illegal gun sales, you're wrong.

Jill McClellan has been behind the counter at the New Melle Gunshop for 37 years and, two years ago, had tough times after her husband Jack died from cancer. McClellan said she admits that led to paperwork mistakes on the forms required when someone buys a firearm.

She said no guns were sold improperly, but paperwork is not something the ATF takes lightly. Agents spent three months last year digging through McClellan's records and revoked her license, effective August 20.

The ATF declined to comment. Their investigation cited repeated clerical errors dating back to 1989. The ATF claims McClelland's store made 443 errors in 2007. She said the form was misleading and was revised in 2008.

McClelland's attorney has asked a federal judge to step in and delay the revocation. McClelland said she still has faith her license will be reinstated.

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