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Fame Comes at a Cost

Better Business Bureau is issuing a warning tonight to all parents.  A spokesperson with the BBB tells News 4 a company auditioning children on Saturday in Chesterfield maybe after their money instead of trying to find the next child star.  The company called “The” is based in Arizona and according to their website the group travels across the county audition people between the ages of 6-17 for modeling and acting positions for Disney shows and Virgin Records.

“The” recently held an audition in the Kansas City area.  A woman who brought her three young children to the event said the initial audition was free an agent then asked her to pay 21 thousand dollars to send her children to another event in Orlando, Florida.   A spokesperson BBB says that should have been a red flag.  The woman paid the money, but now regrets it.

What do you think? Would you be willing to pay? Does your child have what it takes to be the next child star?

The audition in Chesterfield is at the Doubletree Hotel. 


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