School districts in limbo -

School districts in limbo

The Hazelwood School District has a waiting list of some 206 students who want to transfer from the unaccredited districts of Riverview Gardens and St. Louis Public Schools.   Problem is, until a court rules on the lawsuit brought by city parents, the district doesn't know whether it should enroll them.  The MO Supreme Court ruled state law mandates adjoining accredited districts must take students from unaccredited ones, and those failing districts have to pay for it.  Both St. Louis and Riverview Gardens are opposed to the transfer policy.  Those cash strapped districts would lost students, and have to pay the tuition the other districts charge.  The High Court remanded the matter back to the lower court and the Clayton District has filed a Motion for clarification, with Amicus Briefs filed by the MO Attorney General, the Special School District, Riverview Gardens and others.  Hazelwood schools begin next week, with a big question looming.

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