Steve Savard: Open Mouth, Insert Spikes -

Steve Savard: Open Mouth, Insert Spikes

(KMOV)-- So Brandon Phillips has popped off about his hatred for the Cardinals. Probably not a smart thing for Phillips to do. No, it’s absolutely not a smart thing to do in the heat of a tight divisional race. Reds G.M. Walt Jocketty has said that much. But, let’s hold off crowning the Cardinals division champs because Phillips has a big mouth.

Words are words, they have little to do with hitting a baseball or throwing a curveball.  It will come down to execution and playing to capabilities. If the Cardinals needed Phillips’ outburst to motivate them, they’re not in the right frame of mind. The tirade may make this little rivalry even more interesting heading to the finish line but if the Reds win the next two nights and open a three game lead, no one’s going to be blaming Phillips for anything. He may be drawing praise for lighting a fire under his own team.  

Tony La Russa refuted Phillips’ comments immediately and intelligently and took some wind out of Phillips’ sails. Now it’s up to his team to make Phillips eat those words.              

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