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Charlack speed camera hotly debated by cops

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I just read an interesting debate over cameras that are installed along highways to catch people speeding, like the one used in Charlack on I-170. What's so interesting is that it took place on an online bulletin board for police officers. Because it's a website called St. Louis Coptalk and from the screen names of those posting, it would appear that some or all are current or former police officers. Take a look at what they had to say.

The debate started with someone claiming to be a firefighter from Illinois, who received a $100 speeding ticket from the City of Charlack. He claims his wife was driving at the time and he wants advice from the police officers who go to that website about how to get out of the ticket. Here are some of the responses.
One person tells him not to pay it. That he'll get threatening letters but nothing else will happen.
Another poster advises him to pay it because $100 is cheaper than the cost of an attorney.
Several tell him to go ahead and pay the ticket or make his wife pay it.
Another complains that speed cameras never catch the people who don't register their car or use illegal temporary plates.
But one person tells the firefighter how to go to court and fight it. He suggests the firefighter demand to see the officer's training records, logs and certifications. He advises the firefighter take his own pictures of the area where his car was clocked speeding and suggest that the camera angle was improperly calibrated and that his car was actually across the line where the Charlack's city border begins. He goes on to say the firefighter might fluster the officer by asking about how the camera is set up, the theory behind how it operates and whether the officer has sufficient training to understand and use the camera. He claims speed cameras are just a money grab.
In response another person wonders why so many get so upset about the fact that red light and speed camera result in a fine that's sent to the person that registered the car without regard to who was driving it at the same time. But he points out that's the way parking tickets work. Why such outrage over fines for a violation when the car is moving?
My guess is, it's probably because of the size of the ticket, $100. But it's an interesting debate, among some people with a lot more experience with tickets than the rest of us.

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