Great Ape dies at St. Louis Zoo -

Great Ape dies at St. Louis Zoo

(KMOV) -- A 25-year-old orangutan named Juara died recently at the St. Louis Zoo. 

A zoo spokesperson tells us Juara was found dead in his enclosure on the morning of August 4th. The day before, Juara was placed under anesthesia for a routine exam.  The preliminary cause of death is respiratory arrest.

This is the fourth ape death in the last 18 months, including a baby chimp named Enzi who died over the winter.

An e-mail received by News 4 questioned why the public was not made aware of the ape deaths.

A spokesperson says the zoo is made of a living collection, and animal deaths are not made public unless it is a high profile animal or well known to zoo visitors.  The spokesperson also says the four ape deaths are not related.

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