Ice Cream Cake -

Ice Cream Cake

Making Ice Cream Cakes is not only fun to do, but incredibly easy.
You can either make your own ice cream at home, or simply buy your favorite flavors and melt them down a little to create a masterpiece worthy of your birthday celebration.
In the segment we used silicone cake molds from, but most silicon molds, or at a stretch an aluminum cake pans will do.
Ice Cream Lovers Cake
This cake is solid ice cream and is constructed by filling the pan to the brim with your first layer of Ice Cream.
We used chocolate.  Then hollow out the middle portion of the ice cream without reaching the bottom of the pan.
Your ice cream should look kind of like a volcano at this point.
Please in the freezer for at least an 2 hours to harden.
Remove from the freezer and apply a layer of chocolate fudge (or hard shell) and then apply a layer of crunch.
We used crushed Oreos.  Replace pan back into the freezer for at least 30 minutes to harden.
Then  remove pan from the freezer and add your final layer in the crevasse that is left in your ice cream.  We used a Mint Chip.
Cover with wax or parchment paper and let freeze over night.
Remove the wax paper, the silicon mold and decorate with butter cream or regular icing in a nice chilly environment.
The second cake we did was an Ice Cream and Cake Cake.
In a similar fashion to the first method, take your softened ice cream and fill to a third of the pan, ensuring that the layer is flat.
Freeze down for a least 2 hours.
The second layer is of regular cake.  We chose a vanilla sponge, but the sky is the limit here.
You can add a layer of crunch, or some other flavor to compliment the ice cream and cake.
We used strawberry jelly.
Return to the freezer for another 30 minutes or so, and then remove and apply the last layer of ice cream to the top of the pan.
It can be the same as your initial layer or a completely new one.
Cover with wax or parchment paper and let freeze over night.
Peel the silicon mold from the cake – or if you are using an aluminum pan, slightly heat the outside to release the pan from the ice cream.
Be careful not to melt too much of the ice cream in the process.
You will need a large sharp knife, preferably a large cheese or pizza cutter to slice into pieces.
Then….Let them eat cake!!!!
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