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Warning signs of heat related illnesses

(KMOV)—With the summer heat reaching new heights, it is really important that outdoor workers know the warning signs of any heat-related illnesses.

Waste Management Company put together a list of warning signs for heat-related illnesses and tips.
Here are some warning signs of heat-related illnesses:
Dehydration:                                  Heat Exhaustion:                                   Heat Stroke:
Thirst                                             Heavy Sweating                                   Absence of Sweating
Weakness                                    Intense Thirst                                       Hot/Red/Dry Skin
Nausea                                         Cool Skin                                              Trouble Breathing
Muscle Cramps                           Fatigue/Weakness                             Headache
Dizzy, Light-headed                    Loss of Coordination                          Dizziness/Confusion
Irritability                                                                                                        Weakness/Nausea/Vomiting
Important tips to know with being out in the heat for long periods of time include moving to a cool area and drinking lots of cool water or sports drinks when a person begins to feel week or nauseated.
If the heat affects the muscles, causing cramps, elevate the legs and massage any cramps.Any additional cooling to the body such as a fan or ice will help.
Number one tip is to drink lots of water and stay in cool air as much as possible.
Call 911 immediately if the symptoms become severe.

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