Accident along Interstate 64 Near New Baden, Ill. -

Accident along Interstate 64 Near New Baden, Ill.

      Another bad accident on the interstate today.  This one was near New Baden, IL along Interstate 64 in the westbound lanes.  The accident reconstruction team from the Illinois State Police was on the scene this afternoon piecing it together to try to figure out exactly what happened.

     We talked with some of the witnesses.  If you saw the video from Skyzoom 4 you know how serious it looked.  But, thankfully, only one person was seriously injured--the driver of the semi-truck involved.  Eight other people were able to walk away.

   There is a construction zone further up the road but there were no construction zone warning signs back where the accident occurred.  We received an email from one viewer who says she was traveling on that same stretch of road on Thursday and traffic was backed up way before she ever saw the first construction zone warning.

   We'll see what the investigators find.

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