Francis Howell Central raises $2000 for St. James Band -

Francis Howell Central raises $2000 for St. James Band

(KMOV) -- About 40 students from the Francis Howell Central marching band spent their Saturday washing cars, but not to raise money for themselves.

The band raised $2,000 for the St. James band.  The school says that usually fundraisers like this raise about $300.  The money will go to buy new uniforms for the St. James band. 

The band had already scheduled the car wash to fund their own program, but decided to change things when they saw the accident on Interstate 44 that killed two teenagers. Band members said they felt a connection with the St. James students, who lost 15-year-old Jessica Brinker Thursday.

"It was another band just like us," FHC drum major Justin Borgstede said. "They're going to the same competitions and do(ing) the same things, exactly like us, to have a tragedy like that. I could not imagine that happening to us or anybody else. To see that happen is just a shame."

They decided to change the fundraiser and send the money to the St. James marching band for new uniforms. Organizers said it is a well known fact in the "marching band world" that St. James needs the new uniforms.

Band members said they have had several people say they are proud of what they are doing.

The car wash has ended, but if you want to donate, you can visit the FHC band's website.

To purchase 60 uniforms the St. James band must raise $18,000. 

Fundraiser Kelly Wippler says a majority of the people who stopped by the car wash on Saturday mentioned they read about it on or heard about it on News 4 at Ten.  

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