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Fenton's RiverChase pool closed for "deep cleaning"

We've got a lot of responses to our story on the 40 family members that got sick after attending a family reunion at Fenton's RiverChase pool on July 17th.  One woman tested positive for the parasite, cryptosporidium which causes diahrrea, vomiting, fever and deydration.  A nurse with the St. Louis County Health Department told her since she tested positive it is "probable" that everyone else who got sick contracted the same parasite.

Fenton Mayor Dennis Hancock was less than thrilled with our story Wednesday night that implied the parasite likely came from the pool since the seven members of the 47-member reunion group who did not get in the pool did not get sick.  The Mayor's not convinced the pool was the cause of the illnesses and we'll never know for sure because the county health department won't test for cryptosporidium.  They say the CDC doesn't require or recommend it.

I've heard directly from three more groups of people, none related to one another, who were at RiverChase pool on July 17th and about five days later got very sick.  I've talked to several of these people and while they're feeling better, none are feeling 100% yet.

Mayor Hancock called me several hours after our on-camera interview to tell me the pool is now closed for deep cleaning and it will reopen at noon Friday.

Seems had this been done before people started tell US about it, this never would have been a news story.

The Mayor said the water safe this morning and now that they've shut the pool down to "deep clean" it, maybe the public will feel better about getting back in it.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at mschnyder@kmov.com.

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