More on the Fenton RiverChase Pool concerns -

More on the Fenton RiverChase Pool concerns

Yesterday I told you how I was contacted by some family members who say almost everyone at their family reunion at the RiverChase pool on July 17th got sick a few days later... Diahrrea, vomitting, fever, deydration.

Jennifer Steiner tested positive for the parasite cryptosporidium.  A nurse with the St. Louis County Health Department told her it was PROBABLE that's what the rest of her sick family got, too and there was no need for the rest of them to be tested.

40 out of 47 family members got sick.  Steiner says the seven who didn't never got in the water that day.

The pool is still open.  I assumed the St. Louis County Health Department was testing for cryptosporidium and if the test was positive they'd shut down the pool, deep clean it and retest it before reopening it.  This is what's happening at Belleville's Municipal Pool after four people recently tested positive for the crypto parasite.

But John Shelton of the St. Louis County Health Department tells me,  nobody tests for crypto.  He says it's not a definitive test.  And since it's not conclusive it would be a waste of money. 

Personally I don't quite get it.  While testing some water today, won't be the same water that was there on July 17th... if it had the parasite that would be a problem, but the county has no interest in finding out.  Again, they say nobody does this.  But from my understanding Belleville did it, found it and closed down the pool until they get rid of it.

Steiner and her relatives are ticked off.   They've felt terrible the past couple of weeks but are getting better after.  They don't like the fact the Health Department is suggesting maybe the crypto came from their own food and ice they brought to the pool. 

Anything is possible but again if we're not testing for crypto we're never going to find out where it is or was.

Meantime, as far as the health department knows, no one outside this family has reported getting sick after being at the RiverChase pool in Fenton.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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