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Swim at your own risk?

This morning on Awake with News 4 we ripped a story from the headlines of the Belleville News-Democrat on how the municipal pool was closed after at least four people who swam there recently got sick with cryptosporidious.  Pronouncing it is nothing compared to dealing with it.  We're talking diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting and fever as some of the potential symptons.  Yuck. 

After reporting on how the city of Belleville is doing some deep cleaning and retesting on the pool, we got a call from several family members who went swimming in Fenton's popular Riverchase pool.

They tell me they had a reunion there on July 17th.  Of the 47 people, 40 of them got sick with cryptosporidious which comes from the parasite cryptosporidium which is passed in the stool of an infected person or animal.  Again, yuck.  They want to know why the pool hasn't been shut down.

I talked to the St. Louis County Health Department about this.  They are aware of the concerns and are interviewing those who got sick as well as waiting for test results on the pool water.  The person I spoke to says they  haven't heard from anyone other than this family and the family brought in their own food and ice so at this point it's unclear how they got cryptospordiosis.

They are convinced it's from the pool, but until there's confirmation (which could come later this week) the pool remains open.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at mschnyder@kmov.com.

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