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Local community center efforts thwarted by vandals

(KMOV) – The Northside Community Center, an organization that provides transportation for the elderly, says it is unclear who is responsible for a tire-slashing incident that happened over the weekend.

Vandals reportedly damaged the tires to four passenger vans owned by the center. As a result, it was forced to cancel several rides to medical appointments for the elderly.

The van tires have been replaced, but the center says it’s shaken up and disappointed. “It makes us feel like we’re trying to help people in the community, but when this happens, this kind of puts a dent financially,” said Sandra Norman of the Northside Community Center. “It’s hurting our seniors and youth.”

Surveillance cameras did not provide much assistance because the vandals covered their faces while they damaged the van tires.

This was not the first time the center’s property was damaged. Earlier in 2010, someone broke in and stole several computers, children’s toys and electronics.

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