Family of 'Apologetic Robber' says suspect misunderstood -

Family of 'Apologetic Robber' says suspect misunderstood

(KMOV) - Family members of the man dubbed “The Apologetic Robber” are not asking for sympathy. But they call Anthony Phillips, 39, a good man.
“He feels bad," Sarah Kempker, Phillips’ daughter, said.
Phillips faces felony charges for allegedly stealing morphine from a pharmacy in Town and Country in July. Town and Country Police said Phillips, armed with a rifle, walked into Goldsmith Pharmacy on S. New Ballas Road and demanded morphine for “a sick friend.”
Police and witnesses said Phillips was very apologetic during the incident. He said he was not bad and would not harm anyone.
Saying sorry may not be enough for charges involving armed criminal action and first degree robbery.  But Phillips’ family wants the public to know he would never intend to do harm. Family members said Phillips had drug problems in the past and is struggling to recover.
"I would never guess he would take it that far. He would not hurt anybody. He would not hurt a fly," Kempker said.
Phillips is currently in custody in St. Charles County for a probation violation. His ex-wife, Buffy, said she is certain he is not responsible for other pharmacy robberies. She and her daughter added that Phillips needs to take responsibility for what allegedly happened at the Town and Country pharmacy.
“He chose to do the things that he wanted to do. He's a grown man, he's 39 years old.  He's going to do what he wants to do,” Kempker said.

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