Supporters: Proposition "S" important for St. Louis schools -

Supporters: Proposition "S" important for St. Louis schools

(KMOV) -- Tuesday's election may be the most important ever for St. Louis schools because of Proposition "S," or so say its supporters.

Proposition "S" is a $155 million bond issue that would help fix up city schools. Because it is a bond issue, the money can only be used for capital improvements and not on staffing or teachers. The money would help repair and improve buildings, such as removing lead paint and asbestos, as well as wiring for computers.

Supporters met at Vashion High School, but it's schools like Dunbar Elementary, a school built in 1912, that need the work the most. Leaks are creating puddles in the hallway, paint is pealing and the floor tiles are warped.

Another reason supporters said the money is needed is because the state is going to propose that all testing be done online.

The $155 million would not increase taxes, but would come from the Obama administration's stimulus package. It would also create about 3,000 more jobs.

If Prop "S" passes, a committee set up by the school district will oversee the spending of the money and will keep the public informed as to where the dollars are going.

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