Gregali confirms resignation as alderman to take job with mayor -

Gregali confirms resignation as alderman to take job with mayor

(KMOV) -- It's official. Alderman Stephen Gregali will resign from his post as 14th Ward Alderman next week to become Special Assistant to Mayor Francis Slay, said Gregali in a phone interview.

"I'm looking forward to a fresh start," said Gregali, who considers himself more of a "behind the scenes guy."

The sixteenth-year alderman said that the Slay administration is doing great things for the city, and he believes he can help.

"I want to help move the city forward," he said, adding his experiences with regional issues will offer a unique perspective in the mayor's office.

Alderwoman Jennifer Florida said that she wouldn't be shocked if he did indeed take the position. Many others aren't shocked either, referring to his close relationship with the mayor's office while alderman.

Gregali said that he strategically planned his resignation so that the city wouldn't have had to pay for a special election.

Both Democrat and Republican Committeemen of the 14th Ward will now have to find candidates to run in November. Although pleased with his tenure serving them, Gregali said leaving his constituents won't be the hardest part.

"The hardest part for me will be no longer having an opinion," he said.

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