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East St. Louis Police Force Cut

   We were in Lincoln Park in East St. Louis earlier tonight.  The park was fairly crowded.  A church meeting on one side of the park.  An "End the Violence" rally on the other side.  The violence is on a lot of people's minds in East St. Louis these days.

   At midnight on Saturday, the city will lose 19 police officers from its force.  That's about a third of the department.  Many of the residents say the violence will escalate.  It's not uncommon to find someone who's been touched by the violence in East St. Louis.  At the park we interviewed a 14-year-old girl.  She said two people she knew had been shot and killed in East St. Louis.  One was 17-years-old.  The other was 15.  I asked what the situation was involving the 15-year-old.  She said he was shot and killed in an argument over his shoes.

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