UMSL Employee Missing, Police Asking for Public's Help -

UMSL Employee Missing, Police Asking for Public's Help

   An employee from UMSL is missing.  We talked with Susan Allen's husband tonight at the couple's home in Ballwin.  He said it's all a great mystery.  She had recently started work at UMSL in the cashier's office.  On Wednesday, she left the office to go to lunch and did not return.  Her husband works in Fenton and the last time he saw her was early on Wednesday morning when he was heading to work in one direction and she was going the other.

   The family says that Allen withdrew some money from the ATM on campus ($100) and the security camera video shows her walking away from the machine.  She's going in the direction of the doors leading outside of the building but the video is limited and you don't see her actually walk out of the building.

   The family says that police have scoured the campus and there's no sign of her. 

   The family released some more photos of Susan Allen.  If you look at one photo of Allen her hair looks blond, but they say it's definitely silver.  She was last seen wearing a tan top and dark slacks.  Police are also looking over security camera video from the two MetroLink stops on campus to see if it will provide any clues to her disappearance.

   The UMSL police are asking anyone with information on Susan Allen to call them @ 314.516.5155


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