MSD meets with Dogtown residents about flood concerns -

MSD meets with Dogtown residents about flood concerns

The Metropolitan Sewer District met with homeowners to discuss possible long-term solutions to a chronic flooding problem in Dogtown. This spring, basements in some homes flooded three times. Since the same homes flooded on April 24th, May 12th, and June 15th, MSD believes the problem is caused by its system.

July 1st, MSD met with residents and offered to install backflow preventers in the hardest hit homes.

MSD has already installed 14 devices at homes in Dogtown, most in the 1000 block of Louisville.   Ten to twelve others are scheduled for installation.

About two dozen residents met with MSD again tonight to hear what may be the culprit of sudden and chronic flooding at homes in Dogtown.

MSD says it looked at whether construction of the new Highway 64/40 is the cause, but MSD's executive director told homeowners that MSD is ruling that out as the "smoking gun".

Instead, MSD pointed to general development in the area putting a strain on the aging sewer system. Storm water and sewage share the same pipes and the sudden down bursts of rain this spring caused sewage to back into some homes.

MSD says a long term solution may include constructing retention areas to pull in some of the runoff. However, the head of public affairs for MSD said a project like that may take several years to fund and plan.

In the meantime, homeowners are asked to contact MSD about chronic flooding in Dogtown to determine if a backflow prevention device is appropriate. Homeowners can also submit claims to MSD for damages caused this spring, though claim forms have to be turned in 30 days after homeowners receive a claims packet.

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