Sunset Hills Murder a Mystery -

Sunset Hills Murder a Mystery

I can't remember the last time I've seen police handle a case in this manner, which adds to the mystery surrounding this case. Is the victim someone famous, or otherwise noteworthy? Well, nobody knows, but I can tell you that in a routine murder investigation we know the victim's name within hours of the family being notified. In this case, it's been 4 days since the body of this 49-year old woman was found.

Police won't even tell us where she's from. The Sunset Hills Police immediately turned this over to Major Case Squad investigators, which usually means a commander or Sgt. will speak to reporters with whatever they do know at the time. To hear nothing - then be referred to the County Prosecutor is highly unusual. Stay tuned to News 4 and KMOV.COM, because this could be a very high profile case when details are announced. It also may be a study in how some folks are treated differently during a murder investigation. Time will tell.

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