Columbia police add luxury sports car to fleet -

Columbia police add luxury sports car to fleet

(KMOV) -- The Columbia Police Department is the owner of a 2008 BMW M3, but it wasn't bought with taxpayer money.

Police seized the luxury car after charging the owner with drug possession after investigating a DUI crash. If the courts agree a vehicle was used to transport felony amounts of drugs, police can seize the car for their own use.

Columbia just got permission to keep the BMW. Rules require the police department has to use seized vehicles toward programs that would reduce drug crimes. Chief Joe Edwards says that his department decided to use the BMW as a D.A.R.E program vehicle. Officers will take the car to schools in hopes of teaching students this lesson: police can take your fancy car if you're caught with drugs.

After one year, Chief Edwards says the department plans to auction off the vehicle and use the profits to buy two new patrol cars.

So far, the department has spent about $8,000 on repairs to the BMW. It was damaged in the DUI crash. Chief Edwards says the money used on repairs came from other drug-related seizures.

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