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Potential homeowner deal: free land!

Grafton, Illinois has a new plan to attract potential homeowners, give them free land. 

Currently, the city owns and cares for 32 vacant lots in its Grafton Hills Neighborhood.  The city’s mayor says after weeks of cutting the grass and maintaining the property city leaders decided to come up with a plan to entice people build home on it, thus their free land campaign. 

Here’s how it works, each of the lots are on sale for $15,000.  Once someone agrees to buy the land the city will give you one year to build a $150,000 home, once it’s complete Grafton will give you your $15,000 back. 

So far, 15 families have agreed to buy lots.

Grafton’s Mayor Tom Thompson says the free land program is designed to increase the city’s population and boost the city’s revenue. 

We checked today and some neighboring communities are also attempting to entice potential buyers to move. 

East Alton: The city actively partners with Madison County to tear down, rebuild and then sale homes for a reduced price.  Instead of costing buyer $110,000 the potential homeowner can buy the property for 80 thousand dollars. 

Roxana: Roxana has a deal for a potential developer.  If a developer agrees to convert an open plot of land into a subdivision the city will assist the developer with utility, water and trash costs.

Godfrey: While Godfrey does not have free land to offer potential homeowners, the city is hoping to lure prospects my improving its infrastructure (sewers and roads).

Is your town offering any kind of incentives? 




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