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Feldman: Potentially season-saving win given away in final minute

(FootballStL) -- That really didn’t just happen did it?  Did it?

The Rams were less than a minute away from improving to 5-6 (or at the very least heading into overtime with the chance to go to 5-6) and in complete control of their game in San Diego.  They had just made several big plays to put them in that position too.

From Aaron Donald’s sack of Philip Rivers on 3rd and 2 from the Chargers 28 yard line with two minutes left to Tavon Austin’s monstrous punt return giving the Rams great field position to Kenny Britt’s awesome catch at the six yard line it was all looking like a gigantic win.

A potentially season-saving win because, hey, they could still have run the table to get to 10 wins and a postseason berth. 

But Shaun Hill’s interception right into the hands of Chargers safety Marcus Gilchrist changed it all.  It effectively ended the game.  It gave the Rams a 7th loss which might just about make any optimist have to give up on the postseason.  It made you think of “the same old Rams”. 

Why do these things have to keep on happening? 

Every single time as a Rams fan you start to think this team is turning a corner and finding some consistency it just gets swept out under your feet.  Not surprisingly, the Rams still haven’t posted back-to-back victories this year.  For every big win over Seattle, San Francisco and Denver there are bad losses to Kansas City, Arizona and now San Diego immediately after.

What does it mean?  Well I suppose it means this team is still stuck in mediocrity.  And that’s not a horrible thing considering we’re only three years removed from a five year stretch which saw the Rams lose 65 games versus just 15 wins – the worst five year stretch in the history of the NFL.

But we’re in year three of the Jeff Fisher era.  Aren’t we supposed to be seeing some sort of consistency by now?  Sure, injuries have played a huge role but for some reason losing teams always use that as an excuse.  Winning teams find a way to overcome them.

1-10 Oakland is on deck followed by a trip to 3-8 Washington.  There’s also a game against a below average New York Giants team in there.  I’m sure the Rams will find a way to win a few of those and finish with seven wins again this season.

Just like last year.  Just like the year before that.  But while seven wins was a great thing in 2012 and slightly disappointing in 2013, it’d be a major failure in 2014.

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