Alton sinkhole continues to cause problems at couples home -

Alton sinkhole continues to cause problems at couples home

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( – An Alton couple who live in a home damaged by a sinkhole near Alton Middle School say their insurance company, the school, and city of Alton refuse to help them pay for the damage.

Robert Blanton and his wife Stacy Forister said the flood that led to the sinkhole is the fourth time they have had to deal with such problems at the home. They have lived in a hotel for four months, and say promises to pay for the damage have not been fulfilled. The couple has decided to hire a lawyer.

“All my memories are gone. Everything,” Blanton said.

It has been three months since the foundation of the home cracked and crumbled due to a sinkhole that formed on the parking lot at Alton Middle School. Robert, who has lived in the home his entire life, said the home was condemned.

“There’s mold everywhere,” Blanton said. “Words can’t express what we’re going through. We’ve pretty much lost everything we’ve everything worked for and nobody’s willing to do a thing about it.”

Their insurance company denied their claim because their policy does not cover flooding. The couple said the city and school have said they will not pay for the damage. The city recently sent them a letter saying the city will not pay because the school lot is not owned or maintained by the city.

“We’ve never complained to the city, but once the house collapsed it was time to do something, and I thought they’d be fair about it but nobody wants to step up and do the right thing,” Forister said.

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