Some in Ferguson will keep normal routine when Grand Jury decisi -

Some in Ferguson will keep normal routine when Grand Jury decision is announced

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( – Some Ferguson residents said they will keep their routines normal after the Grand Jury in Michael Brown shooting case reaches a decision, while others have said they will simply stay home.

Vonte Wright, who lives on Canfield Drive very close to where Michael Brown was shot, said possible unrest will not change his routine.

“I ain’t scared, but I am tired of it because I’ve been seeing it. It hasn’t stopped, every day,” Wright said.

Others in Ferguson said they will not go out.

“I’m staying home, making sure nothing goes bad,” said resident Marcus Phipps.

“Gotta be in the house, don’t want to be in the streets like last time. Last time there was too much drama, I went back into the house,” said resident Dereck Thomas.

Several businesses along West Florissant said they are barely hanging on. More unrest may put them out of business.

“On a daily basis, we’re down by 35 percent, but don’t forget we still have to repair our building from the last attack,” said Dr. Delu Lipede with Maranatha Healthcare.

Even with uncertainty in the air, some are trying to return to something resembling normalcy.  Employees at Clip Appeal barbershop recently took down boards that covered the front windows. Clip Appeal, along with other nearby businesses, have said customers have stayed away since August when protests first occurred.

“Now something else may be getting ready to happen and they may stop coming again. We’re hoping and praying that it won’t,” said Buffi Blanchard with Clip Appeal.

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