Youngest member of Ferguson Commission hopes to de-escalate tens -

Youngest member of Ferguson Commission hopes to de-escalate tensions

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( – Rasheen Aldridge, the youngest member of the Ferguson Commission told News 4 he hopes de-escalate tensions and still get his message out after the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown shooting case comes to a decision.

“We’ve been organizing each other, we’ve been going to de-escalation trainings, medic trainings, and legal observation trainings,” Aldridge.

Aldridge is a member of Young Activists United. He told News 4 he was somewhat hesitant to accept an appointment to the commission.

“That was the most difficult part, to make sure I’m not turning my back on my people or betraying them or doing any backdoor deals because like I said at the end of the day, I stand with them,” Aldridge said.

After the Grand Jury decision is announced, Aldridge said he will represent Young Activists United at protests n Clayton, Ferguson, or the Shaw neighborhood.

“We have been out here for 104 days for a reason and that’s justice and that’s justice of many things, and we can’t have another Michael Brown,” Aldridge said.

Aldridge said he is receiving support from other protest groups and wishes more young people were on the Ferguson Commission.

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