GM investment growing the Wentzville area -

GM investment growing the Wentzville area

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

WENTZVILLE, Mo.- GM has pumped more than $500 million into its Wentzville plant in the past few years and Wentzville residents are saying they're starting to see the effects. 

An 81,000 square foot facility practically sits in the shadow of the G.M. Plants where workers produce 470 seats a for G.M. 

Faurecia is a french company with 97,000 workers worldwide and is an example of the kind of businesses that have opened up in Wentzville to support the plant. 

G.M. recently announced it was adding about 750 jobs and for the first time would run three shifts at the plant. 

"It dominoes down. For every job created it creates another six jobs in the community," says Wentzville Mayor  Nick Guccione. "Now you have to hire more people for the restaurants and different outlets in the community to service people that work in the plants and facilities." 

Businesses supporting G.M. have staffs ranging from a couple hundred employees to a couple dozen. 

"It's good to see it grow," says Wentzville resident. "The congestion and traffic is a little bit more than I care for but I'm proud to see it grow." 

The town continues to grow and new subdivisions are still being built in the Wentzville area, whose seen its population multiply more than six times from its 1990's population of about 5,000. 


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