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Ferguson unrest to blame for falling revenue in St. John?

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 ST. JOHN- The North County suburb of St. John says they will need to ask voters for a tax increase because of falling revenues.

Part of the blame for that revenue failure is falling is being laid at the doorstep of Ferguson. 

The City Manager says everything from civil unrest to unpaid court fines are contributing to the anticipated shortfall. He says he anticipates a 14 percent drop in revenue in the next year. 

The city of St. John is turning to voters for a half cent sales tax increase to ensure it can continue to provide street maintenance, plowing and some law enforcement services that the city says it may not be able to fund within the next couple of years. 

The City Manager says revenue is down across the county and the unrest in Ferguson could impact all municipalities in the county tax pool. 

The city council says the sales tax increase would bring in around $425,000. Some residents agreed with then tax hike, but others say they're already shelling out enough. 

"With the personal property taxes that we pay and the sales taxes that we pay we should be able to make that work," says a St. John resident.

The state mandates municipalities can't bring in more than 30 percent of revenue from traffic violations. Right now, St. John gets about 14 percent of its funds from those fines. 

The half percent sales tax increase will go before voters in the spring of 2015. 

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