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30 Hours later in Buffalo, stranded Oregon truck driver finally on his way

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

 BUFFALO, NY (KPTV) - A truck driver from Silverton, OR, who spent more than 30 hours stuck on a highway during a major Buffalo, NY, snowstorm said no one came to check on the stranded drivers to ensure they had water, food or fuel for their cars.

Samuel Martin said he never felt like he was in danger because he had plenty of fuel to keep his truck running idle. Other drivers weren't so lucky.

"A lot of other people were in little cars and had to actually abandon their cars," he said.

Martin, who hauls trailers for a company out of Indiana, said he understands that local and state government agencies were inundated, but he and other truck drivers were out on their own with no relief.

"There was not even one real humanitarian effort to the hundred-plus trucks that were just in the area of the road that I was," he said. "They never brought any kind of water."

Martin was on his way to Massachusetts from Indiana and said he was aware of an incoming storm as he was approaching the Buffalo area. He said it struck earlier than estimated, and tollways have very few exits so there was no opportunity to leave the road.

"It was quite a bit earlier than they anticipated, so I had no expectations of there being a blinding snowstorm," he said.

He had very little food with him, but a cellphone and a laptop kept him entertained. He watched movies to pass the time.

"When they did the press conference in Buffalo, they mentioned that everybody had been given an opportunity to leave their vehicles, which was not true in our area," he said. "Nobody ever came to see how we were doing until the snow plows finally made it to us."

The road finally cleared for Martin on Wednesday and he's back on the road, heading toward Massachusetts. Several vehicles, though, remained buried in the snow.

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