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What happens if Darren Wilson is indicted?

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

(KMOV.com) – A local defense attorney told News 4 completion of the legal process could take many months if Officer Darren Wilson is indicted.

Chet Pleban said Wilson will be afforded the opportunity to turn himself in if the Grand Jury elects to indict him.

“If there is an indictment, someone from the prosecutor’s office or the police department will contact the lawyers representing Wilson make arrangements for Wilson to surrender himself,” Pleban said.

After being arrested, Pleban said Wilson would go through the regular booking procedure.

“He’ll be fingerprinted, he’ll be photographed,” Pleban said.

If Wilson is unable to make bond, Pleban said he would stay in jail until a bond reduction hearing is held. At that hearing, Pleban said the Brown family will have its first opportunity to face Wilson in court.

“The victim’s family would have a right to be present and be heard,” Pleban said.

At that hearing, the judge will take into account what the prosecutor, victim’s family, and Wilson say before making a decision on whether to reduce bond.  Pleban said an arraignment would then take place, at which point Wilson would have to enter a plea.

According to Pleban, all hearings after an arrest are public.

“All of these proceedings after he is arrested would be in the public domain. It would be an open courtroom, not behind closed doors,” Pleban said.

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