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Ferguson Commission member dedicated to representing community

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- The Ferguson Commission is already talking about its mission a day after the 16 members were sworn in by Governor Jay Nixon.

News 4's Diana Zoga followed up with Felicia Pulliam, the person singled out by the governor to represent the people in Ferguson to ask her what she sees the commission really taking on.

“Many of the individuals, I've worked with them on the ground, seen them on the ground, have watched and supported their positioning and their activities,” she said.  

Pulliam grew up in north St. Louis County and has lived in Ferguson for the last four years. She insists the city, the commission is named for, will be represented.

Pulliam's day job is working for the non-profit Focus St. Louis. After the Mike Brown shooting, she helped set up another group called One Ferguson, which has already come up with specific recommendations for the county council on ways to direct resources to Ferguson.

“Having worked in that community and lived in north [St. Louis County] all my life, I understand these issues and have seen them unfold all my life,” she said. “I'll be speaking one- from my personal experiences, but two- understanding that I'm representing a community of people that will be holding me accountable for making sure that there's enough attention for what happens in the City of Ferguson.”  

Even though it's called the Ferguson Commission, Governor Nixon says it’s put together to look at issues that reach far beyond the Ferguson city limits. Pulliam says she is very focused on tackling poverty and its root causes. She's expecting the first full commission meeting to happen in early December. In the meantime, the new commissioners are meeting with the co-chairs to get started.

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