Troy sinkhole continues to grow as drivers call for City Hall's -

Troy sinkhole continues to grow as drivers call for City Hall's help

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TROY, Mo.( - A sinkhole in Troy, Missouri, nearly large enough to swallow up a car, is growing larger and larger according to Troy residents. 

Residents are upset and asking for City Hall to take action in improving the sink hole and preventing incidents. 

The problem is located on North Lincoln Drive, one of the busiest roads in Troy, There are currently barricades up about 50 yards off the road, blocking the path to the sink hole, which is about five feet wide and perhaps eight feet deep. 

"I can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet," says Brian Choma, a Troy resident. "We've been going around and around and around. That thing is awfully deep."

The sink hole is right next to a storm sewer and water continues to run, possibly doing more damage to the sink hole. 

"The problem is on privately-owned property and the city cannot go onto privately-owned property to fix something," says Troy Mayor Mark Cross. "Whoever built that parking lot area there installed the storm sewer and so they would be responsible for fixing it." 

It would be against the law to use taxpayer dollars to repair something on private property.

Businesses nearby says they aren't sure exactly who owned the stretch of property in question. According to the assessor's office, the land belongs to a company based in Columbia, Missouri that owns part of the strip mall and the roadway. 

Mayor Cross says he hopes that drivers will avoid the area until the company is contacted and available to fix the problem. 

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