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'He just lies and lies'; contractor who repeatedly rips Missourians off confronted

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

FARMINGTON, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Numerous phone calls kept coming into News 4 about a contractor who customers said kept taking jobs and not finishing them

Bobbye Clark is so fed up she's filed a lawsuit against Larry Govero who runs HTL Contracting in Farmington, MO. Clark paid Govero $4,150 to put siding and gutters on her home. She says all she received for that was a little bit of framing and some insulation.

When she called Govero about returning to finish the job, the excuses she received were “well it’s raining, its cold someone’s sick … he always had an excuse.”

She was not the only unsatisfied customer.

Nova Bradshaw hired Govero to finish her in home hair salon back in March.

“Lying Larry, he just lies and lies and he will look at you straight in the eye and say it will be done in two days” said Bradshaw.

Her salon is still not completed.

Renatta Martin says she hired Govero to build a deck around her St. Genevieve swimming pool. Martin says Govero didn't finish the job.

“I don’t want him to keep getting by ripping people off,” said Martin.

Kim Huitt of Park Hills knows the feeling. She told News 4 “a normal human being wouldn’t do this to anybody.” Huitt paid Govero several thousand dollars to complete several projects that remain unfinished.

To find out if Govero was taking bids for new work, News 4 set up a house, had a producer go undercover, and call Govero about fixing a garage roof.

When Govero arrived, News 4’s Chris Nagus started asking questions about all of our consumer’s complaints. Govero claimed “they still owe me money, they are in breach of contract on that job.”

 Govero also claimed Martin kicked him from the work site.

As for Bradshaw, Govero said she “neglected to tell you about all the electrical work I did for free.”

Martin and Bradshaw disagree.

Govero admits Clark and Huitt have a point. He also told News 4 he would be working on these issues every day to get them resolved. However, Govero made that statement in mid-October, and the customers who spoke to News 4 are still waiting.

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