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Ferguson protesters release list of demonstration sites

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(KMOV.com) – A group of protesters released of over 50 locations where demonstrations may take place after the Grand Jury in Michael Brown case is announced.

Locations include the Ferguson Police Department, Ferguson City Hall, St. Louis County Police Department and government center. The list also includes businesses such as the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Protesters said targeting businesses follows an example set by the Civil Rights Movement.

“When you look back at to the original civil rights movement they weren’t really respected and a lot of gains weren’t made until they found a way to affect certain aspects of life concerning the economics,” said protest leader Tef Poe.

The protest site list also includes the Arch and other landmarks. Another business on the list is Ferguson based Emerson, which has pledged millions for scholarships. Despite the pledge, protesters said they are trying to pressure businesses to take a stand. Demonstrators said they want businesses to speak out against the shooting of Michael Brown, Jr.

“If you’re not down to support my community to love and care for my community. You should not be in here. You should not own a business, you should not be able to sell anything or to make any money because at the end of the day, you don’t care about us,” said protest leader Low Key.

Some protesters do not support demonstrating at all of the locations on the list.

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