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Ferguson residents react to deployment of National Guard

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – The reaction among Ferguson residents to the announcement that the National Guard will be deployed has been mixed.

Some residents told News 4 they believe the presence of the Guard will only inflame the situation.

Anthony Bell, who is a friend of the Brown family, said he thinks the Guard’s deployment sends the wrong message.

“I think it sends a negative message to the peaceful protesters,” said Bell.

Another Ferguson resident told News 4 he believes the Guard’s presence will cause some to react with violence.

“It gets ‘em rowdy,” said resident Ronald Robinson.

Another person said there is benefit to having the Guard protecting some, but fears it may too aggressive.

“They are not gentle, and people feel threatened,” said Cory Smith, Jr.

Someone else told News 4 he would have preferred for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to wait and see if protests were peaceful or not, before deciding whether to deploy the National Guard.

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