Protesters continue to demonstrate despite cold weather -

Protesters continue to demonstrate despite cold weather

CLAYTON, Mo. (  -- Not even bone-chilling temperatures kept protesters from marching near the St. Louis County Courthouse as grand jury proceedings happened inside Monday. 

DeRay Mckesson, a protest organizer and creator of a newsletter informing demonstrators about upcoming events is hoping that protests can continue peacefully in the area. 

"We're helping people learn how to peacefully protest and disrupt systems and daily life here in St. Louis as we get closer to the indictment decision," says Mckesson. "We want to bring that disruption back to the people, back to the system, that caused this pain for the community." 

Pastor Robert White has been meeting with protest organizers at the Greater St. Mark Family Church in Ferguson and wants protesters to be careful and lawful in their protests. 

"We believe we have the right to assemble until we're told we can't," says White. "But we're just telling them to be careful, to be safe, allow yourself to protest, allow yourself to express your views and not to violate the law." 

White does not like the fact that the National Guard has been mobilized in preparation for the indictment decision. 

"The question is what community are they protecting?" asks White. "We're wondering because they said they were protecting us when they bombed us with tear gas." 

It seems no amount of officers, nor freezing temperatures, will keep protesters off the streets. 

"I think that they believe that with the change of season, with the number of days that we've been out here that we're going to quit, and I think that we're more passionate than ever because we're determined to see this through," says protester Kayla Reed. 


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