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Feldman: Rams continue to show just how good they can be

(FootballStL) -- How would have thought the Rams could beat – and I mean BEAT – Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos the way they did?  Anyone? 

If this doesn’t show just how much talent the Rams have I don’t know what does.  Holding the Broncos to fewer than 30 yards on the ground?  Check.  Dominating the time of possession battle?  Yep.  Holding Denver to just 4-12 on third down?  You bet.

Sure, the Rams have shown this season the can lose to just about anyone.  But they’ve also shown they can beat just about anyone. 

Think about it.  Who’s the best team in the NFL?  Some would say the Broncos are.  That’s a team the Rams beat 22-7 just now.  Some would say the Seahawks, even though they’re just 6-4, still has the ability to repeat.  Uh, the Rams took them down as well.

Other may point to either Philadelphia or Dallas.  If you don’t recall, the Rams had big first half leads over those two teams earlier this season before squandering them. 

This just drives home the point that – when all the stars align – this is a football team in St. Louis with the talent to compete at the highest level.  And, if anything, it makes you more frustrated because they don’t do it on a consistent basis.

Why can’t they do this each week?  Why do they fall flat against teams like Kansas City and Arizona before bouncing back the next week?  No team goes 16-0 so no one expects the Rams to play perfectly each Sunday.  But it’s not too much to ask to see something like this more often.

Heck, that’s what championship team do.  They play well almost every week.  Maybe there’s a bump or two or three in the road along the way.  But not six in the first 10 weeks. 

This season has all the makings of the way the last two years have gone under Jeff Fisher.  They’ll probably finish with seven or eight wins.  They’ll probably miss the playoffs by a game or two.  And you’ll be able to look back on the first couple months of the regular season and find several games they let get away from them.

At some point the Rams will put it all together right?  Maybe?  We all know the talent is there.  We all know if given a chance – on their best day – they could beat literally beat all 31 other teams in the NFL.

Now, show us you can do it again next week in San Diego.

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